The RDB Concepts franchise provides IT services for medium to large companies enabling them to focus on their core business. This includes proactive, reactive and predictive services for their operating system and database environments.

The RDB Concepts franchise model is provided in two phases – Phase 1 allows the franchisee to develop their business without the overhead of needing technical resources and Phase 2 allows the franchisee to develop their own team following the pre-determined processes and services.

Many database and operating system service providers only specialize in one or two technologies, yet clients are now looking to mix and match their technical environments with a variety of different operating system and databases. RDB Concepts supports 14+ databases and over 12 operating systems. We are

RDB Concepts supports 14+ databases and over 12 operating systems. We are database and operating system agnostic, allowing us to fix the issue with a tailored solution rather than forcing a solution that does not quite meet its requirements.

In addition we have developed and own (within the RDB family) our own monitoring solution. This enables us to be more competitive with bids for new clients and more reactive to their needs.

The business system consists of all processes followed for growing the business, operating the business in both phases. Training is provided in both phases as is ongoing support from the UK. Sales support is provided in particular in the first phase but also in phase 2. A telephone system is provided as part of the package enabling the franchisee to control costs. Billing services are also provided by the group.

The database service marketplace is enormous. What prevents new businesses from breaching this market is the cost of the expertise needed to be successful. RDB Concepts has developed a system that removes that hurdle completely. RDB Concepts has the backing of Oracle, IBM, Arrow

RDB Concepts has the backing of Oracle, IBM, Arrow ECS and Avnet, opening the door for you to form your own partner channel by leveraging the relationship with the above distributors.

Confidentiality requirements prevent us from publicly publishing a client list, so we are happy to share that with candidates on a one-on-one basis. For more detail on this, please contact us today!

RDBC is a good option for anyone that has the drive and business acumen to build a business within the IT sector. We would consider a veteran discount on a case by case basis.

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