Revolutionary Monitoring and Management System

Custodian*24 is our proprietary, web-based, 24/7 infrastructure monitoring service that helps improve the quality of our clients’ IT service while driving down operational costs. Custodian*24, powered by Nagios, monitors the performance and availability of servers, operating systems, databases, applications, storage and network devices. Custodian*24 monitors and manages the platform, infrastructure and performance of client databases and servers, guaranteeing that you never find yourself unable to meet the needs of your business. For clients that have tighter security and have restrictions in place that do not allow access from outside their network, the Custodian*24 Black Box option is also available. This option ensures that none of the monitoring traffic leaves the clients’ environment. Only SMS texts and the email notifications are then transmitted to RDB Concepts and both of these can be audited by the client.

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