Why Franchise?

Why Franchise?

Are you tired of working for large corporate entities? Have you seen and experienced first-hand the frustrations of slow moving bureaucratic dinosaurs miss-serving clients and wasting money on ill-conceived initiatives? Do you believe you can do a better job without the unnecessary internal politics getting in the way of true business success?

Do you want to start and own your own business?

Do you want to be your own boss, set your own working schedule, be in control of your own destiny and form a company that aligns with your basic values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment and trust?

Do you want to achieve all of this with the support of a proven brand and business processes, while minimizing the stress, worry and fear out of building your own company? 

RDB Concepts Franchise Difference

RDB Concepts has a strong brand image and long established reputation in the industry for quality of service. All of the RDB processes and procedures are documented to ISO standards which, combined with the training given by Phill Evans, will make it comparatively straightforward to replicate the service elsewhere.

While our competitors tend to focus on the support of one or two databases, the RDB team is certified in over 14 database types, ranging from Enterprise level products such as Oracle and Tibero, through to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, Informix, Neo4J. In addition, we also look to the future with expertise in emerging NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra DB. In addition, the team is vastly experienced in the management and maintenance of ALL current operating systems in use in today’s market.

Even though we are an IBM, Oracle Gold and TmaxSoft partner, we remain vendor agnostic ensuring that we give the appropriate advice to clients, empowering them to meet their current and future operating system and database demands.

No Expertise Required*

Even if you don’t know anything about databases, you can feel confident in the fact that you can call on the team of highly talented professionals employed by RDB Concepts to answer any technical questions you need answered. All you need is the inner drive and determination to make your business a success.

Iron Clad Customer Service

Having worked with many internationally known brands, we’ve built a strong reputation for excellent customer service and are recognized as a leader in the field.

By constantly striving to be the best database support company in the market, we are able to enjoy working with our customers, not just for them. Our flexible pricing model, integrity and customer focus win over clients and our quality of service keeps them.

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* It doesn’t hurt.

Ready to own your own proven business in a thriving and exciting technology market?

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